Egyptian Giza String - 5mm Premium Cotton

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Egyptian Giza Cotton...Truely the worlds finest. It's long fibres and fine diameter of each strand is what gives this cotton its luxurious shine and softness.This is why Giza cotton is used to make the world's highest-quality bed sheets,bath towels and clothing.

This premium string is ideal for macramé, weaving and other fibre made projects. The string is perfectly twisted so stays together well when knotting yet combs out perfectly for the best brushed out fringing. It creates the most lush depth and texture to any piece.

500g ~ 100m

1kg ~ approximately 200m

Spools are sold by weight, not length.  

Oeko Tex Certified. Ethically sourced. Recycled Cardboard cones are used in the spools. 

Our manufacturer is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. 

Please note* Colour can vary on individuals viewing devices 

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