Chunky 10mm Cotton Macramé String - 1kg - Dark Denim

Chunky 10mm Cotton Macramé String - 1kg - Dark Denim

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Receive 10% off when you spend $100 or more on coloured string. Excludes natural/raw string. 

100% pure European cotton, ideal for macramé, weaving and other fibre made projects. This cotton is so soft and delicate on your maker hands

1kg ~ approximately 35-40m. Spools are sold by weight, not length.  

Oeko Tex Certified. Ethically sourced. Recycled Cardboard cones are used in the spools.

Being a passionate fibre art maker myself, I know how important it is to use the highest quality materials in my work. The string is perfectly twisted so stays together well when knotting yet combs out perfectly for the best brushed out fringing. It creates the most lush depth and texture to any piece.

Please note*

Ensure you purchase enough rolls to complete your project. Each new batch may vary in its colour run.  

Natural/raw cotton can also vary from batch to batch due to the climate it was grown in. Please ensure your purchase enough rolls in the same order to complete your project to avoid colour variation in your piece. Care is taken to fill each order with the same produced batch. 

100% money back guarantee *see terms & conditions